Prime Minister Modi urges Mars to make its water in India

By News That Matters Not

Pratul Bagri, September 29, 2015

Not wasting any moment to capitalize on NASA’s discovery of water on Mars, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in talks with the Red Planet urging it to make its water here in India.

The Prime Minister said that the market need for water is most visible in India. “I think it will be most profitable for Mars to make its H2O here. We have one of the largest youth population, and the demand for their product is immense.”

Huge opportunity for Mars

“This brilliant move by Mr. Modi is quite literally out of this world,” said Mr. Aravindan, a fan of both the Prime Minister and Mars.

“He is making all the right noises, the market potential for Mars is enormous here in India. Frankly, I think the planet should seize this opportunity.”

Referring to the Curiosity Rover, Mr. Aravindan said that Mars has been invaded by Western colonizers who will soon loot all its treasures.

“The red rock should try its luck here with us and make some money before it’s pillaged and stripped off from all its resources.”

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