People boycott autos as autowallah takes his ride by the meter

By Khyati Sharma

"Bhaiya chaloge?" "Nahi. Guitar baja ra hun."

In reaction to the audacity shown by Amit Kumar, an auto rickshaw driver, for taking his ride by the meter, people have started boycotting autos and have taken to using other modes of transport as a sign of protest against this impudence.

Inexperience to blame

Autowallahs have released a press statement saying that the auto driver is inexperienced and new in this field.

“He is yet to finish reading the Auto Purana. It has chapters on excuses to refuse customers, overcharging tips, how to create utter chaos at metro stations et cetera.

“Our principles are a result of years of research which our forefathers did.”

“Bhaiya chaloge?”
“Nahi. Guitar baja ra hun.”

Another autowallah bhaiya was overheard during his Tambaku pe Talk session. “Waise bhi, Kejriwal has granted us all the requisite rights to hold strikes and annoy the hell out of people. Why are these people protesting?” he said, spitting out a red juice Niagra Fall on the nearby wall.

““If we start going by the meter, who will pay for our bidis? How will we bribe the policemen for breaking the laws?”” argued another driver.

#ShameOnAmit trending

Even twitterati was abuzz with a lot activity as people took to the social networking site for condemning the impertinent act. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “”Achhe din aane wale hain, main aise Hindustan ka sapna dekhta hun jahan auto me meter hee na ho. #ShameOnAmit.”

Supreme court in dilemma about punishment

The autowallah is sure to be punished for this heinous crime though Supreme Court is still thinking about the intensity of his punishment. According to our secret sources, it is being argued whether Amit should be made to sit through a Sasural Simar ka’ marathon or one show of Humshakals would be enough.

Meanwhile, advertisers all over India are worried about loss advertising space if people stop using auto rickshaws.

(with inputs from Rakshit Ranjan)

Via:: News that Matters Not

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