Now Donald Trump to campaign for Nitish Kumar in Bihar elections

By Shridhar Kurlageri

Charming lad.

Charming lad.

After the flop show at Swabhiman rally today, Nitish Kumar has decided to call out the big guns and take foreign aid.

Sources have confirmed that one Mr. Donald Trump will be campaigning for Nitish Kumar in the Bihar elections.

Who is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is young dynamic American politician with glorious hair and very balanced mind. He makes rational statements which are always a pleasure to hear.

“I am supporting Mr. Trump in his Presidential race,” said Nitish Kumar.

“The benefit is mutual, he’ll campaign for me in Bihar. People are very familiar with him here and call him the Nitish-Lalu combo of amrika,” said Mr. Kumar proudly.

Flamboyant as always, Mr. Trump confirmed this news, “Modi is a loser, Amit Shah is a loser, every one in BJP is an idiot. Rahul Gandhi is a baby drinking milk from a bottle.”

He added, “I will send him a truck load of nipples so that he can suck on them while he is getting cranky in the Lok Sabha.”

Nitish and Trump have reportedly come to an agreement that if Nitish wins this election, the Bihar state assembly building will be renamed as Trump Tower.

(Co-author – Pratul Bagri)

Via:: News that Matters Not

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