Man takes no-alcohol resolution, slows down his watch by 2 hrs to have few more pegs on 31st night

Waqt hamara hai.

Mumbai. In a bizarre incident at a local pub in Bandra, Balwant Singh, who earlier took resolution to avoid alcohol in 2014, slowed down his watch by two hours on 31st December night, so that he could have few more pegs in 2013 itself.

Waqt hamara hai.

Balwant caught attention of other people present at the pub after he kept sitting idle without showing any excitement when clock hit 12 mark. “We were wondering, what’s wrong with this guy, isn’t he happy that it’s 2014,” said Anil, a Mahim resident who was present at the pub.

But in reality, at the time when rest of India was welcoming 2014, Balwant’s watch was showing 10 PM. Later, on being asked Balwant revealed that, he did this intentionally as he wanted to enjoy the night with the same momentum.

“My watch, my time. It’s not someone’s father’s property. World is relative, time is relative, nothing is permament,” said a full drunk Balwant, who happens to be an ardent Salman fan. “I will give benefit of doubt to myself and my resolution is still intact.”

On being asked isn’t it unethical to play with laws of nature, he quoted legendary George Costanza from TV series Seinfeld, “Just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

However, Balwant has not ignored the possibility of slowing down his watch further by few hours, or may be by few days. “I will hold 31st till my soul is not pacified by liquor,” yelled Balwant.

Meanwhile, president of ‘New Year Resolution Club’, Kasam Singh, thanked Balwant Singh for coming up with such an innovative solution.

“31st night act as a divide line between who we actually are, and who we want to be. By following Balwant Ji’s time machine idea, we can gift ourselves a much needed grace period to spend few more hours with happier us. Waqt hamara hai,” said Kasam Singh.

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