Kejriwal makes another U-turn, says BJP is the Aam Aadmi’s party; to join Modi soon

BJP is AAP: Kejriwal

After using all the desperate measures to try and capture the hearts and minds of the general public, Arvind Kejriwal has again resorted to sit on dharna, this time against Narendra Modi, to force Modi to take him into his own party (BJP).

His move to support and take shelter under his strongest rival has shocked the entire political fraternity. Citing the reason for his move, Kejriwal attributed it to the fact that Modi’s “Chai Pe Charcha” scheme displays his attachment and love for the Chai walas. “Chai Wala is technically an Aam Aadmi only and therefore I have realized now that BJP is the political party working for Aam Aadmi”, he added.

‘It is the good effect of my yoga and herbal medicines’

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev linked this decision of Arvind Kejriwal to his teachings of Yoga and also his herbal products. He stated that his famous pawan-muktasan (relief from gas) yoga has been instrumental in changing the mind of Arvind Kejriwal to turn to BJP. Although, he later decided not to accompany Kejriwal in his dharna due to apprehensions of a possible repeat of the The Ramleela Maidan fiasco.

Congress takes on BJP again

BJP + AAP = BAAP: Kejriwal

Senior Congress leaders took this decision of Kejriwal as an opportunity to come clean. “This decision proves that Kejriwal’s relationship with Congress was nothing more than a one-night-stand. Instead, it was the BJP which was in a longtime committed relationship with AAP”, claimed a senior Congress leader.

Rahul Gandhi also offered his views, “I told this to you tomorrow (sic), didn’t I? These AAP and BJP people have been making fools out of us. I woke up at night this afternoon and I had this dream that Arvind Ji and Modi Ji were the same person. Every night Modi puts on a mask, and he becomes Kejriwal. That is why they have never been seen together. Can’t you see it?”

This proves our secular ideologies: BJP

While BJP was yet to deliver its decision on whether to take Kejriwal in the party or not, it made sure to clarify that Kejriwal’s trust in BJP proves that it is a secular party. “We respect all the people and their religions. Kejriwal always stood for communities like the Aam Aadmi- and thus his stance is testimony to the fact that BJP has been and will always be for the Aam Aadmi, regardless of their caste or religion, unless they are from some select religions or castes”, said a senior BJP leader.

Meanwhile, rumours are that if BJP agrees to let Kejriwal join their party, there could be another BJP marketing show in the market- Prashn Varsha, apart from ‘Chai Pe Charcha’, where Kejriwal will teach the technique of how to raise questions to the opposition without having any clue to their answers. It could prove to be a handy asset for the future MPs and MLAs of BJP, if they come to power this time.

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