Institutes rush to introduce new course – how to commute death sentence at Supreme Court

Many renowned Indian educational institutes have decided to include a new course – Crossing the Limit: Commuting Death Sentence Management, a source in the educational institute told India Satire correspondent. The institutes are expected to take help from prominent intellectuals, including Medha Patkar and Prashant Bhushan who always echoed their views against death penalties. The institutes have taken a clue from 2 recent decisions of Supreme Court of commuting death sentences of accused over killings of ex Prime Ministers Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi.

“We are trying to design a specific professional course to manage death sentence by helping Indian Government to go slow over the decision of death penalty. We expect that the course in managing commutation from death sentence will always be in demand in India. Rising uncertainty of life and slowing politicians with age of the country, we expect that many such incidences (Bhullar in Punjab and Rajiv Gandhi killers in Tamil Nadu) would come across us. Our initial enquiry suggest that at least a lakh of students would join the course,” said a source from Delhi’s reputed institute.

The source told India Satire correspondent that parents of many children who don’t know the future of their notorious kids due to ever rising crime have approached the institute management with enquiry and willingness to enroll their kids in such courses.

“It is difficult to manage such commutation as it may take time of 10-15 years but the life of any criminal is saved,” said the source.

The source has divulged the eligibility and syllabus of the course


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