Indian entrepreneurs demand reservation in Silicon Valley

By Vinay Saxena

Unfortunate scene outside the offices of Facebook

Following the missteps of Hardik Patel, a new pan-India protest has been launched by the entrepreneur community in India. Their demand: “Indian quota” or reservation in all Silicon Valley companies.

This protest has been gaining quite a lot of traction from the youth, especially from final-year engineering students.

A protester was caught today vandalizing an Apple store with Wipro logos. Twitter and Facebook are ablaze with posts like “Shoutout to all Indians abroad. We are calling a Silicon Valley bandh from tomorrow morning.”

We had a chat with Mr. Varun Suryan, the current leader of the protest, excerpts of which are as follows:

Unfortunate scene outside the offices of Facebook

NTMN: Mr. Suryan, could you please tell us when and how you got this idea?

Varun: Well, to be honest, I had not really thought about it until I saw the Hardik Patel protest. It was then that I had my eureka moment.

If these guys can fool the government into accepting that they are backward even after being one of the most politically and financially powerful people of the state, then what we are trying to achieve looks like a piece of cake.

NTMN: So you mean to say your protest is a farce?

Varun: What?! It is totally legitimate! The entrepreneur community believes that it is facing grave injustice. We are no longer getting as many as 1.7 crore rupees in angel investment as we used to. The Chinese are reaping all the benefits of the work our alumni are doing. Job offers in India are drying up. Silicon Valley needs to be reminded that it functions only because of Indians.

NTMN: Mr. Suryan, you are a final-year mechanical engineering student, right?

Varun: Yeah that’s right. Why?

NTMN: Umm no reason… But in recent times we have seen Indians being appointed CEOs in companies like Microsoft and Google. Given this, don’t you think that it is unjustified that you are asking for reservation?

Varun: Of course not. These are isolated incidents. Look at it this way. India is a really diverse country, but, we need 50 different types of reservations to keep it together. In the same manner, as we are moving towards a truly global world, we’ll need country-based reservation everywhere very soon. So, we want to ensure that India gets a head start in this.

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