Guy marrying in hope that dowry will raise enough funds to kickstart his startup

By teamntmn

Pratul Bagri, August 11, 2015

Calling it a new radical method of fundraising, Prashant Joshi, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, is pinning his start-up ambitions on the dowry he will extort from his lucky wife.

Saying that he doesn’t “need no venture capitalist”, Joshi said he was really looking forward to emotionally blackmailing dowry from his beautiful life partner-to-be.

“The dowry concept will pivot and will take a new direction,” he said in a viral Facebook post. “It will no longer be a curse but an extorted angel investment.”

Family members and marketers have called this move a stroke of genius. “I think we have just found a new market,” said a marketing man who markets for a living.

“There is a huge untapped potential here, this can radically change how bachelors raise funds for their startups, and this will soon expand to married men too. Just get a divorce and marry again,” said the marketing man who repeatedly said he is an IIM alumnus.

When we met Joshi, he was updating the PPT deck he will pitch to the potential in-laws regarding the daughter transaction.

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